Sunday, 2 June 2013

End of Project Evaluation

I have to admit i found this project hard, i did find it difficult to work alone of the same project for almost four months. I am proud of the result, and am excited to put it in my portfolio. I achieved what i initially planned and more but not without having to make some changes and rework  the design.

My time management was well structured at the start of the project, but in the last two months i have been involved in part time work experience. I was always confident i could keep up with the work, but it did put pressure onto me and my fmp.

The size and scale of the floor plan i drew up at the start of the project became an issue. I had always planned to build a concise but detailed environment. Yet when i began to model the base mesh i felt as though the courtyard would be much more impressive at a larger scale. I started building a wide open expansive area which would lost the atmosphere i achieved in my concept artwork. I was reluctant to reword the design again but after a snap decision i worked as fast as i could to rebuild the mesh closely referencing my artwork. This decision changed the project massively and brought the environment to a fresh direction. Toward the end of the project i felt i had time to extend the design further and added a lounge area and balcony/vista. This was a great decision, gave the environment an outdoor area and the contrast of a vast open space to the narrow corridors. If i were to extend the level further i would take the player down from the balcony and into the city streets.

My direction of lighting and asset placement was to try and create atmosphere and a variety of colour palettes as you move from area to area. To bring attention to focal points and lead the player to the next space.

I did have problems lighting my environment: overlapping shadow errors reducing the frame rate and creating strong artificial shadows without over exposing the scene. I am happy with the lighting in general, but i would have liked more freedom with my lighting options.

The blog has been really helpful to keep track of where i am in my timescale, and to look over the projects development. Is nice to have the record of this uni project saved online to look back on too.

This marathon of 3d modelling has really shown me my passion is 2D design, conceptual work and general painting. I am so thankful to have learnt everything i know about 3d modelling. I have a few great portfolio pieces from my university project work and i hope to use my understanding of 3D to help me as a 2D artist.

I will post a draft Flythrough on the blog, as the servers are down for the last few days. When they come back up i will post the final (smooth) rendered flythrough :)

Ornaments of patterns
The Mosque
Islamic Art and Architecture

Programs used: 
Cryengine 3
3DS Studio Max

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