Sunday, 26 May 2013

Balcony + Vista (city backdrop)

In my last presentation i shared the addition of the lounge to the courtyard, i discussed the possibility of having a balcony out from the lounge to give the player access to an outside area. I was interested in making a vista background for the payer to look out upon. It gave me a change from making small props and gave the level and new element. 

I build some collision boxes around the balcony to stop the player from jumping down into the courtyard. I think if i were to extend the level further i would have the player continue down into the courtyard and proceed into the mosque/ city

I built a set of low poly buildings and roof pieces to be placed in the background. Amongst the buildings i populated the vista with palm trees and towers/mosque domes i had previously built. The background mountains were made by manipulating photographs and then applying the alpha texture to a curved plane. By having a curve to the mesh the mountains would be light by the sun. By scaling the planes to huge sizes and pushing them into the distance they could blend into the distance fog and be blurred by the depth of field.

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