Sunday, 26 May 2013

Replaced Lighting

The lighting had caused a lot of problems with overlapping shadows. The shadow folsom reduced the framerate badly. I cleared all but a couple of lights and started again, being much more careful about the lights placement and properties. I increased the frame rate by 20 frames and generally lit the level better the second time. I do however have several remaining shadow issues

Concepts and Picture Frames

The walls were bare without any decoration so i modeled some low poly picture frames and collected some suitable images to frame. I included some my concepts to be dotted around the hotel which looked great.

Almost all of the pictures were repeated around the hotel so i had to be considerate about the placement so as not to cause obvious/unrealistic repetition. I tried to vary the sizes of the pictures to break the repetition.

Balcony + Vista (city backdrop)

In my last presentation i shared the addition of the lounge to the courtyard, i discussed the possibility of having a balcony out from the lounge to give the player access to an outside area. I was interested in making a vista background for the payer to look out upon. It gave me a change from making small props and gave the level and new element. 

I build some collision boxes around the balcony to stop the player from jumping down into the courtyard. I think if i were to extend the level further i would have the player continue down into the courtyard and proceed into the mosque/ city

I built a set of low poly buildings and roof pieces to be placed in the background. Amongst the buildings i populated the vista with palm trees and towers/mosque domes i had previously built. The background mountains were made by manipulating photographs and then applying the alpha texture to a curved plane. By having a curve to the mesh the mountains would be light by the sun. By scaling the planes to huge sizes and pushing them into the distance they could blend into the distance fog and be blurred by the depth of field.

Doors - Animated Doors

Up until now i had only built the large mosque doors and wooden shutter doors. Looking at the reference i had seen many ornate designs on paneled doors so i build some modular door meshes and door handles. By centering the pivot to the right r left side, the Animated door entity in cryengine allows the player to open and close the doors with the "F" key.

Fountain Remodeled and Candels

After some critique from coursemates i wanted to remodel the courtyard fountain to have a deeper/thicker base as it didn't really have much presence in the center of the courtyard.

To decorate the fountain and generally light areas of the level i modelled a low poly candle that could be easily duplicated and re-scaled for different sizes


The chandelier is a really important asset in my environment because it is the centerpiece of the stairwell, and because a lot of the ceilings of my rooms are bare and boring. The chandelier is an iconic item,  common in lavish moroccan design.

The model is quite high poly, which i think is justified because of the intricacy of the components. The model is almost entirely cervical and has hanging strings with modeled glass/diamonds. To save on some aspects i reused an existing glass texture for the diamonds and the lantern texture for the chandelier base with some wooden candle plates

Furniture - Fireplace

The lounge was in need of a focal point that distinguishes this room from the others. I came to the conclusion that the fireplace would be better suited in the lounge than the bedroom and that this would give me opportunity to include another particle effect in my level. 

I needed to flesh out the bare walls of the hotel, the corridors were unrealistically empty and it killed the atmosphere. I built three pieces of typical furniture, chest of drawers, shelving unit and a bookcase. I also modeled a another side table for variety, because the previous tables had been repeated too obviously thought the level.