Saturday, 6 April 2013

Foliage Assets

The courtyard area has throughout the project been difficult to populate  because of the large open space it appears very bare and unfinished. To try and break up the repetion i built some dense foliage assets (ivy+trees). The result was really impressive and transformed the atmosphere of the courtyard, ageing the structure and bringing some story/personality.

Ivy need to drape across the arches and sit onto ledges ect. I made a vine decal which is projected under the ivy to help blend the ivy to the wall. (decal not visible in this screeny)

To try and bring more color to the environment and break up the tree's leaves i wanted to some blossom in light shades of pink. This allowed me to bring in another particle effect of falling blossom which is an adjustment from a falling leaves preset.

Falling blossom particle effect

Tree 3DS max

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