Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Grammar of Ornaments

One of our tutors jack directed me to check out a book called the grammar.. Such  a helpful book for anyone who works with textures. Was about the buy the book online when i came across a comprehensive copy of the book online here:;pview=hide;id=DLDecArts.GramOrnJones

I found so much reference and so many pattern designs from the book. The book covers most great civilisations too. I've posted some of the pages below

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Remodeled the roof to arch down and sit on top of the arches. The roof silhouette helped break the square opening above.

Although the player wont be at a angle to see the roof tiles i thought i would include it to allow me to take screenshots of the courtyard from above 

Modeled a large door frame to the Mosque which is a extended part of the project if i get time.  

The diffuse didn't sit well in the level, the dark green was too overpowering so i adjusted the hue in engine

The fountain is using a water volume on top of the base mesh and a water particle effect above. Haven't modeled the fountain itself yet, however i think i might adjust the fountain base to be circular and experiment with the particle effect to be more realistic. 

Palm Tree Asset

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Engine Base meshes

Modular Arch Pieces

The arch pieces and pillars

These arch pieces are to be used in the courtyard and corridors, they are relatively low polly and can be duplicated numerous time.

 Textures can be easily swapped using material id's and i plan to add more texture variation to the modular pieces

Texture tests and blockout

 The courtyard block out is built from modular pieces that can be repeated in engine. The walls and floors will be replaced by solid meshes in the sandbox editor.

The starting point for me is to test out some wall and floor textures. I want my textures to be a priority in this project so i am happy to take some time over them.

V & A Museum Reference