Friday, 8 February 2013

FMP Moodboards and Concepts

My FMP proposal is to build a morrocan hotel with a central courtyard garden. You will start in the reception, acquire your keys and then make your way through the hotel to find your room. The project will be used as a 3D environment portfolio piece. I will be using either UDK or CryEngine.



 Reception/Courtyard Corridor

 Courtyard (from walkway)

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  1. Really interesting concepts - I would like to read about how you put them together, or better still a little animatated step-through showing the process from initial scribbles to these very high quality finished pieces.

    The reason being, if you evidence your processes you'll get extra credit for ustilising a range of processes correctly.

    None of those proceses can be deduced just by looking at the finished images.