Monday, 29 October 2012

Decals Lighting Sounds and Skydome

Decal materials (sand and oil)

 Emisive lights inside

 Sounds added as general ambient wind and construction site looped and more specific sounds like this radio

Skydome with rotating clouds and slight hue change across horizon

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Engine Screen Shots

Finished Renders

Not finished but this is the scene so far. Need a new sky box and lighting adjustments. Few more assets to come and hopefully more mattenee if i get time.

Scaffold ladders and matenee

Second asset round

Scene Assets

First asset set

The first wave of assets were built and textured at the same time, all using one 512x512 texture.

 Cement mixer with sand /cement bags and a sand decal

Concrete and Steel pipe

"Rio" Sign with emmesive lights

Tool set (saw ladder shovel pickaxe)

Bench set 

Wooden Plank set sharing texture with benches. Made a Prefab for the stack of planks to save time

Steel girder set


The crane is one of the most important assets in my design. I built this early on to adjust its proportions with the building in engine. I knew i wanted the crane to move around the level so it was important that i populated the level with the cranes movement in mind.

More renders to be uploaded 

Base meshes

This is the majority of models i made initially as the building blocks of the level (walls and stairs). Then i built a large window frame and set up simple material in UDK with a cube map for reflections.